The Society of Business Economists (SBE) is the leading organisation serving business economists in the UK. As a member you will gain access to a network of more than 600 professional economists.
The Society offers a programme of evening and lunchtime meetings at which guest speakers discuss and debate current economic issues, with ample time for questions and discussion (and normally, after evening meetings, the opportunity to dine with the speaker). 
Other activities include an annual dinner, seminars and a summer conference; and the Society also offers an annual essay prize. Members receive the Society's journal three times a year, a monthly newsletter, and a yearbook containing a full listing of the Society's members.
SBE members represent a broad spectrum of business life, spanning the City, commerce and industry, consultancies, the public sector, business schools and universities. 
The Society welcomes both established economists and younger members, including recent graduates and students intending to follow a career in economics. Most professional economists will join as full members; there is a reduced subscription rate for students undertaking an undergraduate or master's degree with substantial economics content.
Full members are expected to have either a degree with a substantial economics content and evidence of a continuing professional interest in economics, or a degree in another subject together with professional experience of economics (normally including current employment). If you would find it helpful to discuss your own qualifications before applying, please contact the Secretariat, who will be happy to help.
Membership is normally individual and non-transferable. As a professional body, subscriptions paid by members working in or using economics in their work, can be claimed against tax.
The SBE is administered by a Secretariat under the direction of the Secretary, Katie Abberton
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